Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Great oppertunity for retired women from the west

supply costs lessI'm a retired American widow much too poor to live in the US. I am living like a queen in Nepal and enjoying everyday like a treasure.

I would like to help other Western women in my age bracket to escape the rat race and enjoy life on a small budget. If you have a minimum of $700 in solid retirement income I'd like to help you to transition to life in Nepal. It is very safe and cheap to live here. But I know that if you have only a small income it is impossible to come on your own. You'd have to find your way around and buy furniture and things. That's the way I did it, but I wasted a lot of money and time and ended up going back to live in a guest house, which required me to store my furniture. I lost a lot of what I had due to storage issues.

I am creating a project to sponsor other retired women from the West. I will house them in a group home environment and provide them the safety net they need. There is lots of walking paths, natural remedies that are very affordable, really everything you need for a healthy lifestyle. I'm even taking royal bee jelly that I could never afford to buy in the US and I'm feeling 10 years younger. A month's  than $25!

Rich people don't have to sacrifice like the poor do. I know if it's a mistake for these women it will be a huge mistake! That is not my intention. My intention is to create an environment for older Western women to live whereby they can be more active, have more fun and live longer than if they stayed in the West. Any women interested in doing a 'Poor Woman's Senior Gap Year' should contact me for more information.

I have more information about my intentions and what I can do to help senior poverty at

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Star View B&B & Retreat Center

Intro Offer: This is a brand new guest house at the top of Changunarayan ancient temple village near Bhaktapur, Nepal. Not only is your breakfast included, but your lunch and dinner will also be included and prepared to your order.
The Space
This brand new, Cat. 9 earthquake safe, bed & breakfast with 24 hour electric and gas water heating to assure you of hot water, is located right outside the West Gate of the ancient Hindu temple. It is the oldest temple still actively used in the Kathmandu Valley. It is like a step back in time.
If you are looking for nightlife of Thamel, this is not for you for two reasons. First, it is a long ride to Thamel, about an hour. Secondly, if you are out that late you would not be able to get a ride home. But if you want a very quiet place where the air is clear and you can almost touch the stars from our rooftop then you will enjoy it. In fact, you would do well to schedule your first night or two here to recover from your trip from the West.
Guest Access
The Italian restaurant will not be open for a few months, so you will be able to have access to the kitchen if you like to cook. We will also have a TV in one of the living rooms. The other one, of equal size, will be for using the WIFI or visiting.
Interaction with Guests
I am always happy to help my guests with information about Nepal and have a box full of tourist brochures.
I do not have a trekking agency and do not earn any money on my advice except for sales from my eBook, Nepal: A Tourist's Manual, which you can find via (website hidden) search.
I do have a 'Nepali Grandson' who can take you on a motorcycle trek for less than $10 for the day. He is very kind and honest.
The Neighborhood
Although still in the Kathmandu Valley, we are a bit higher. We have beautiful views and clean air. This is an ancient village. Many of the people do not speak English. The people live and dress as they have for generations. They are very friendly.
Getting around
There are buses that leave to Bhaktapur every 30 minutes, all day long. From there you can go to Kathmandu or just enjoy this ancient city. It is also very beautiful. If you come during a full moon there is usually a festival. Some are not so tourist friendly, but others can be the highpoint of your trip.
Other Things to Note
There is a 100 NRs. ($1.) admission donation, but will be good for the time you are here in Changunarayan if you are staying at a guest house here. They are restoring the temple area very nicely.