Friday, September 8, 2017

Birdwatching, animal watching and Changunarayan

One morning after going up to my roof to call my son I saw this on the way down. This is one of our village's eagles. They nest near the temple. I love to sit on the roof and watch them fly overhead. Sometimes I sit and listen to the birds and either see or hear at least 6 different species. We even have fast flying swallows like the ones from Capistrano, CA, US. One thing I like about the temple here in Changu is we don't have quite as many pigeons. I think the monkeys keep them away to a certain extent.

These are not happy monkeys, either.
Sometimes I stop to admire some of our smaller friends. Many are the same as back home, the dragon fly, preying mantis and so many varieties of beetles. But many are new to me and I have to take out the camera. There is one beetle that flies around the light at night that looks like a Volks Wagon Bug. It seems to fly until it just can't go anymore and then plummets to the ground.

This bug was about 6 inches long. He was out on a hiking trail.
When these birds fly you can see a patch of white on their wings.
For three years I've heard this bird, the coo coo bird. I finally saw him right outside the guest house shortly after I moved here. 
Bhaktapur admission is $15. Changunarayan costs only 100 NRs. or $1. I wouldn't recommend both places in one day. I'd suggest staying in Changu and then taking the local bus to Bhaktapur or Kathmandu. Seriously, it isn't hard to learn to take the bus in Nepal. I usually have a young person sit next to me who wants to practice speaking English. You just won't believe how friendly people are in Nepal. 

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